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Our Mission


At Bering Financial, we specialize in arming clients with knowledge and awareness about their money that empowers them to make better financial decisions for their family and their future.


Our Story


Bering Financial founder Patrick Smith delivers almost 50 years of experience in serving the public as a financial advisor.

Patrick began his career in 1972 with an education by Investors Diversified Services. At that time IDS was the only firm in the U.S. offering complete financial planning services to the general public. (Note: IDS was acquired by American Express in 1984, now known as Ameriprise Financial. When Ameriprise boasts in their ads of a history dating back to 1894, they are referring to the history of IDS.)

In 1980 he was recruited by E.F. Hutton as the financial planner for their Fort Worth office, where he served the planning needs of 6,000 clients over the following six years.


Then, in 1986, Patrick established his independent financial services firm Bering Financial, where we have continued to help clients all across Texas and the surrounding area to successfully strategize for the growth, preservation and legacy of their wealth.


Our Focus 


Educating our clients about their money is a fundamental component of our practice. For years we have seen many of the popular strategies in the financial world fail. We believe that much of the "conventional wisdom" of the financial services industry has resulted in wasting the efforts, time and money of the hard working American public for well over a decade.


Taking great concern over this and impassioned to create change, in 2012 Bering Financial developed an educational process we call Wealth Awareness, designed to teach accurate thinking about money and increase individual awareness of how everyone's personal economics are being impacted by the drastic demographic shifts taking place in our country, along with the enormous demands being placed on our financial future.

We help those that need and want a better understanding of how today's choices with money will impact their everyday lives, and their future. We believe that with more awareness you will be able to make more effective financial decisions and prevent future unintended consequences.

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